let’s make stuff together!

Looking for something a little more down-to-earth? Maybe you need some technical muscle to help build your project or bring your blueprints to life. I’ve got you covered.

Code Is My Medium

I like working with PHP, Actionscript (2 and 3), Flex, javascript, Java, and even a little ColdFusion. Together with any flavor of SQL (MySQL is a personal favorite), these are the quintessential tools you need for building your RIA from front to back – or the other way around.


Before leaving for Germany, I spent some time working at echo Eleven. My work there included handling contract work for custom Flash applications and creating user interfaces in Flex and connecting them to web services. I also helped to develop their eLearning product, Podium.

Since leaving work there to prepare for work in Germany, I have used Actionscript to help create visual effects for videos I have produced and other media I have created for raising support. Scripting also comes in handy when creating effects in Adobe After Effects.


A personal interest of mine, which I have managed to incorporate into much of my work as of late, is exploring ways to use random number generators to create more organic, interesting visuals. brownlowdown loves you, to the right, is an easy example of what I like to play with.

Think I can help you? Let me know!