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Good design means communicating clearly what it is you want to say to your audience. If you can do that and make it look good – even better. Let’s get creative.


Raising support demands a lot of communication and advertising – and that requires the ability to create something that will catch the eyes of your audience. Check out these designs for postcards used in the two years I have been raising support.

Globalscope in Tubingen NowChristmas Halfway ThereGlobalscope CafeGlobalscope Cafe BackA Couple Bucks


Every group or organization needs a simple, visual representation. Here are some corporate logos that I designed…

Tuckerfirst Contemporaryultimate remodeling systemsunitetübingen maultaschen

Other Media

I’ve had the opportunity to design play the roles of typographer, layout editor, and many other more singularly-focused creative professionals. Check out these samples from my work as everything else:

Tuckerfirst BannerMissions QuarterlyContact 6:56overflow

shalynn_bcGrill PartyUnterwegs Staff

Feeling those creative juices flowing? Let’s share!