let’s make stuff together!

We live in a society that has no adequate images anymore, and if we do not find adequate images and an adequate language for our civilization with which to express them, we will die out like the dinosaurs.
Werner Herzog

For the right job, you need the right tool. When you need to communicate a message to an audience that goes beyond the spoken and written word, you need the magic of video. Lucky for you, you have someone who can outfit you with the very tool you need.

Design in Motion

Nothing grabs attention like a little well-placed creativity. In my work with videos, I’ve used (among other programs) Adobe Premiere for split-second editing; Adobe AfterEffects for flexible, dynamic special effects; and I’ve even coded my own video additions to translate ideas on paper into movement on the screen.

Let’s work together to create something that catches the eye and tugs at the heartstrings!