let’s make stuff together!

If there’s one place where design and technology can really work their mojo, it’s the internet. Wanna see what I’ve been doing there?


I’m quite smitten with the open-source blogging software from the good folks at WordPress, and I’ve been exploring the possibilities of WP as a CMS for uses beyond blogging. brownlowdown is one such project.

To see what else I’ve been cooking up in WordPress, check out some of these themes I’ve custom-built for clients…


Feed(Aggre)gator: a plugin I wrote that collects entries from a bunch of RSS feeds and displays items collected as a single list, organized according to user input. I wrote it for to show the latest blog posts as a single list from all of the team members’ individual blogs.

Website Building

The best (read: most effective) web pages take advantage of multiple mediums (Flash, CSS, javascript, validated HTML, to name a few) and a wide array of internet technologies (PHP, RSS, Google Analytics, to name a few more). Check out some of the web pages I’ve made…

RIA / Web Applications

The proliferation of broadband allows developers (like you) to provide users with software that does not have to be installed on users’ computers, but can instead be delivered through your website. There are many benefits to this kind of application: user data can be stored in a central location and retrieved by a user wherever he or she happens to be and (with the most common technologies) applications will run the same across all computer platforms. Check out my work in code to see if we can work together to build your internet application!

Gotten any ideas? Let me know.